French Paradise in the Pacific

The French know a thing or two about living a good life. Polynesians are champions at having a good time in pleasant places. Imagine a place where you get to experience French and Polynesian culture while surrounded by breathtaking views, impressive landscapes, and romantic vibes over the calm crystal clear, cold waters of the Pacific Ocean. This is what Tahiti is, a French paradise tastefully located in the Pacific. 

Thanks to the welcoming temperatures throughout the year, Tahiti is popularly known as a winter getaway where you can get away from the cold temperatures and instead indulge in sandy beaches, warm adventures, and tasty food. 

Moreover, this tropical paradise has a lot to offer in marine life as it is home to adult and baby humpback whales, reef sharks, stingrays, a rainbow of coral fish, sea turtles, and colorful coral. Best of all, there is something for everyone in Tahiti and her Islands. 

Diverse Scenery

What is known as Tahiti is actually five groups of Islands known as French Polynesia that are still part of France. When describing this territory, diversity is an often-used adjective. The collection of islands has many types of landscapes that you can experience on your trip there.

Tahiti and Moorea are made up of lush green rainforests that barely hide the beautiful volcanic mountains. Meanwhile, in Tikehau, the pink sand atoll encases a big blue lagoon. Bora Bora is also part of this scenery with its mesmerizing pond and a dramatic mountain view. This is barely a taste of what Tahiti has to offer. 

Sublime Marine Adventures

If you manage to peel your eyes away from the breathtaking views, be sure to visit some of Tahiti’s best marine spots. A lovely boat trip is available for swimming and going underwater to explore marine life. Tahiti has both shallow and deep water ideal for swimmers and snorkelers. Here, you will meet with stingrays, sharks, and tropical fish. Get a taste of pure adrenaline as you are surrounded by reef sharks that are majestic and, best of all, harmless. If you are not as brave, the crystal clear waters will significantly view the safety of the boats. For water sports enthusiasts, Tahiti offers jet skiing opportunities; cruising on the brightest shades of blue will give you an immense sense of freedom. 

Gourmet Delights

One of the things you cannot afford to miss out on while in French territory is the food. In Tahiti, this means a mixture of both French cuisine and Polynesian delicacies. This combination has left thousands of visitors wanting more. The blend of tropical ingredients and French recipes makes Tahiti dining to die for. You can start your day off with fluffy loaves of bread and pastries. Lunch is reserved for a raw fish delicacy known as Poisson cru. Obviously, you will have to try the mahi-mahi cooked in a vanilla cream sauce as part of your dinner. Finally, you can indulge in an incredible platter of fresh fruit to sweeten up your vacation.